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ECHO (Educational Community for Homeowners)
ECHO provides information, expert commentary and guidance to Common Interest Developments for planning and governance. This page will provide links to ECHO articles and be updated as new issues arise. 
10 Tips for New HOA Board Members
Guide to Solar-Reflective Paint in Energy-Efficient Homes
Update and Optimize Your Landscape's Irrigation System

LOMAA Manual  (Section 7 of this manual is the Architectural Guidelines shown below)
      Table of Contents and Section A                        Section 3 Engineering
      Section B Updates & Work Details                    Section 4 Water & Sewer
      Section C Disclosures                                         Section 5 Landscape
      Section 1 Board Responsibilities                       Section 6 Painting
      Section 2 Financial/Ins/Taxes                            Section 8 Legal
Miscellaneous                                                  OVA Documents
      Oakmont Acronyms                                             By-Laws        
      Santa Rosa Smoking Ordinance                         Protective Restrictions          
      Legal Rights of Owners in HOAs
Insurance Documents                                      Drought Information
     Supplemental Ins. Coverage Info.                       Water Savings Calculator                                                       
Oakmont Architectural Committee                                                                                   
      Oakmont A/C Guidelines and Stds.                                                     
      General Application                                           
      Board Approval for A/C                                                                                             
      Board of Governors Application                                                 



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